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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hispanics Fare Less Well in Health Care

Since Mowdy brought up the subject of racial tensions in Greeley in the comment section I thought I would post the following video and article from

I like the Gallup site because while the mainstream media often cite their polls and data it is always a good idea, I think, to go see what the Gallup experts have to say. Strategically the news media have an obligation, in order to turn a profit and stay in business, to report news and (sadly) entertain the public. It is a strategic advantage for some news organizations to also be credible--but that is not always the case. And, as we all have heard and experienced lately, the entertainment news is prospering while the credible news makers are suffering cutbacks and entertainment/news competition from the Internet. Gallup on the other hand maintains their profitability directly from their credibility for being accurate. They don't sell entertainment. They sell facts and accurate projections. So I like to hop on over to their website once a month or so and go through the free stuff and get the real take on things straight from the Gallup mouth so to speak. It often makes me feel much better about the world than I do when reading the current media spin on the same topics--regardless of the political bent of the news source. They have papers to sell an they have to put in an "angle" to sell those.

Considering the blatant racism I have seen in individual gatherings in Greeley and the tacit, probably racist, policies of the local government I thought this piece might shed a little light on the topic. It amazes me, that even as racist ideas pour from the mouth of babes here in Greeley, many refuse to see the negative impacts of their own ideas on their own community well-being and how many of these ideas are based on race, granted sometimes culture, rather than fact or reason.

President Obama is addressing the nation tonight on the health care issue so I thought the piece timely as well. According to Gallup 16.0% of Americans self-identify as not having health insurance. I have always seen this as my issue as well. If the kids who go to school with my family members don't have health care I am at a higher risk of being less healthy and incurring more costs myself. Not to mention it is simply a matter of being humane to the tribe and looking out for our long term collective health.

Besides I wanted to see if I could figure out how to embed a video on my site.

Hispanics, Low-Income, and Young Most Often Uninsured
July 22, 2009
In the United States, Hispanics, those making less than $36,000 per year, and 18- to 29-year-olds are the most likely to be uninsured, at 42%, 29%, and 28%, respectively.

Comments :

5 comments to “Hispanics Fare Less Well in Health Care”

mowdy5gs said...

I will return to commenting speciffically on this topic but first I would like to take it to a place of my own choosing momentarally. As has been recently reported in the news about a Yale proffessor by the name of "Skip" Gates I ponder the thought of why I have not seen niether hide nor hair from the tribune touching this story. An unblemished, 50 honorary degree holder and Sigma Cum Laudi graduate of Yale was arressted in his own home for disorderly conduct charges after being accused and profiled for breaking into his own home. Before one becomes piteously enthrawled as to why. We know that someone [one of his neighbors] called the police. We know this older gentlemen walk's with the use of a cain. Yet here he stands arressted for such a lame charge. To be fair the chrges were dropped . But who cares other than the department about to be sued for discrimination and profiling. I say who cares if the case is that Mr. Gates did become loud and vociferous? The fact remains that NO officer should have been at his home arressting him [the owner] for such a charge as it were. The charge that was placed aginst him was the direct result of the profiling and false accusation against him which was the fault of the officers and caller of the officers not Mr. Gates. To realize Mr. Gates is in fact the owner of the home and LEGAL resident of said home should have quickly ended the situation. But as I have expierienced here in Greeley the officer was not fourth coming with his name or badge number. This is common practice by officers who profile as they do not want to be seen or ackowledged as profilers. They will insist that the name and number are clearly on the badge but at the same time recondite wording is so miniscule a simple request for them is reasonable.
I must honestly ask if anyone expects such disrespect to happen to anyone but one of color?

Jane Paudaux from Greeley, Colorado said...

Well I have seen other types of profiling but it doesn't seem to be as systemic. The poor (beat up cars) and students with dreads get profiled and pulled over in some areas on suspicion they are likely to be currying (is that the spelling?) weed. Teenagers on Friday and Saturday nights are generally harassed.

The things I find that need to be clarified is why 1) the police officer felt that Mr. Gates who is about 5'7" and 150 lbs, aging, and walks with a cane was a threat. Also why since the officer already had been shown the ID that proved Mr. Gates was the homeowner felt that it was appropriate to go ahead, handcuff the man, and arrest him.

I made a post on this topic on the main page too. I haven't been in Greeley long enough to objectively comment on practices here. However I can say I have never been in a town of this size before with so many police patrolling the streets. I actually have to follow the speed limit here!

mowdy5gs said...

As for So many useless officers you have former Mayor Selders and current Mayor Clark to thank as they insisted they were sorely needed. Yet Chief Garner himself in the tribune told stats of crime and they did not seem to back up the need for said officers nor did the so called "Gang" problem pan out statistically. However tickets provide revenue for a failing city.
As to healthcare? I find the system in need of hardship leave if you will. Logistics should be considered with monies and resource as so many are without healthcare and or insurance. The quandry I see is the trouble with pre existing conditions. As those with the afore mentioned conditions are regularly denied coverage so are then left to fend for themselves in mounds of debt. Another problem is its affordability in a realistic manner for anyone. Cost outweighs benifit much of the time. Should a mother or father have to choose beween groceries and medicine? Life or death? Because to be quite blunt that is reality for many. Circumvention has been the mainstay for this issue President after President until now and what will we do now? I feel a socialistic approach is not so tolerable as a Capitalist. Yet the softer side of emotion chooses life over death, health over sickness yet there seems to be a left or right alone to this issue. No middle ground as it were and I must ask why? Is the health of our citizens not a place where compromise must be met? I understand many issues are untimely as well as unseasonable but where can we say enough?The system itself is life over death for profit as it currently stands and is that ok with you? Can the system be structured in a capitalistic mannor without greed entering into the frey? Drug cost, premiums, elidgeability? Are these set in stone? Must Government be the only entity willing to step in and say we will regulate you because you the system are unable to regulte yourselves? How about affordable insurence available to all who can pay while entertaining those with pre existing conditions while the drug companys give way to reasonable costs? If you choose capitalism over a quasi social program then show some loyalty to your country and help instead of hurt those whom you economically and medically serve. It has come to this not at the fault of the citizens but because of the inability of the children running companys to play nice togeather.

Jane Paudaux from Greeley, Colorado said...

I know teachers in the area who say the Gang problem is really big in Greeley. Especially in the local high schools. One teacher has told me she feels that there is a tacit agreement between the authorities, school board, and the local media to keep it quiet. At one event (I think it was graduation) there was a gang fight. I saw nothing about it in the local press. It would be good to bring this into the light so the community can begin to seriously combat the issue together. It doesn't go away by itself.

mowdy5gs said...

I disagree completely. Not only was the "Gang" problem used as a mainstay argument for more officers that are now hired but has been used by Buck and Garner as an issue for such thing's as the curfew, JAC center and others. The tribune for quite a while reported the "Gang" issue as an end all be all problem that simply does not statistically pan out. Especially when it pertains to crimes committed stats. Garner himself in the tribune came out with the offical stats that contridicted there being a large or disperportionate gang problem. In fact Larimar and Ft. Collins seem to have a larger problem then Greeley. I feel it is USED to keep people afraid and to keep them enticed by things like more officers, more rules, less freedom all in the name of safety. It is a weapon and nothing more. I feel many in Greeley equate all or most Mexicans with Gangs weather they are or not. If they see a young man with baggy clothes they assume he is a gang member rather than "In style". At the school's are there gang members? Sure. However it is not close to the problem many or your teacher friend make it out to be. Trust me. It can get alot worse. Greeley is light weight when it comes to gangs as compared to what is recognized by the F.B.I. as a "Gang problem". The reason you see nothing about Gang fights and such in the local press is because it is overblown and most often little more than mischief. When a gang member gets in trouble for something he has done many often atttribute the act to "Gangs" when that is simply not the case. Have you recently been accosted? Anyone you know? Raped? Attacked? By a Gang? Murdered? Check Greeleys murder stats. Chesk theft records. What we have in Greeley is a drug fiend problem and misplaced hate with a dash of profiling. Disclaimer. I am not a gang

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