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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Housekeeping... Blogger Style

There are a few people who will be happy to see I have finally updated my list of blogs with the links they have reminded they sent. They are on the list to the right now. I think I have checked them to see they are active, as in not dead, and still posting. In fact there are a few that are quite interesting.

I get the feeling after reading through a couple of the more stylish blogs, and the more articulate blogs, that I have a long way to go to catch up. Darn, I was having so much fun just playing around writing too. I hate it when the Jones people move in next door. It makes my yard look so shabby every time!

But thanks to those giving me the nudge to keep the housework done on the site and another big thank you to Mowdy who noticed the comment section went down when I revamped the blog design the other day.

It's Saturday and I am being kidnapped to go see Harry Potter with family. Social time.

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11 comments to “Housekeeping... Blogger Style”

mowdy5gs said...

I alway's wanted to blog but would feel less than if knowone read. As for the banking industry I find it cause and effect. Someone had to do well preying on all of the failures. Its capitalism after all. What I find contempt for is the constrain applied to the populous who are now left swinging there sack in the breeze that blows from there empty shelves and pockets. I do not see America rising to any occasion again in this world market. The third world is upon us and the people are left to swaddle upon the perverbial tit of government. Not to mention why there pant's just became shorter. A succinct explanation of this country would no longer include capitalism but rather greed at all costs subjigated by our friend the GOV. for those of less fortunate means. To be quite bilious I am becoming ashamed of what the last 8 years have done to this nation as banks and GOV. seemingly take advantage as does a preditor upon a young girl clueless to the world. We are made to forget and those few who remember well are silenced and cast about. Truly a shame.
You are welcome as we share an intrest in the result.

Jane Paudaux from Greeley, Colorado said...

People are reading Mowdy. Just had someone tell me that he wrote a long post in response and the blog system ate it. Maybe he will post again hopefully. I didn't know the comment area had a limited number of characters.

For me I have been concentrating at looking at the whole system from the really big picture view. I think everyone is responsible because as the voters and consumers in society we have had the power to say "Enough" or "No" and we still do.

I have a good friend in Canada I debate with a lot and he always likes to cut short my rants with "The problem in America is that the poor don't vote." To which I add sarcastically "And the middle-class vote the interest of the upper-class--because that is who they all want to be someday."

mowdy5gs said...

Very astute in the one two jab back at the canuck. Those Canadians are sneeky little ale downers. lol. Lets begin with the problem with those Canadians,... OH! I forgot. Who gives a crap about hockey am I right?
Anyhoo-- I did find the bell being wrung with the opine about where the middle class want's to be. It's almost as they vote because there boss is there bread and there wish becomes the butter they yearn to spread while it's still warm not fully understanding the road must first be paved before well traveled. Cheese and wine is the fodder for thought in the circles of want and indigence. Still I am un-endingly [to coin it] bothered by the blatant coruption as of late and beyond that is allowed to reign with no accountability in sight. I understand the system, voting, and the will of the people well. It just seems to not matter as in the end all we have a true say in is who comes next. Then they run with the ball where they see fit. Remember the first stimulas? The second? People let there voice be heard there loud and clear yet still they are. Still bonus' are abound in failed legions of non prosperous companys when we would have done well to spend our own dollars on ourselves.

Thunderhead said...

Both government and the variety of consolidated industries which collude on lobbying the government under a single, monolithic economic idealogy are practitioners not of market capitalism, but of monopolistic determinism--an absolute monetary environment void of consumer choice, business competition and consumer protection.

This assures market efficiency for monopolies through the exclusion of human rights and regulatory restraints upon corporate industry and financial entities. It will continue to be this way as long as it is legal for the latter entities to buy your congressional representatives and local officials. It will end when the briber and the bribed are legally eligible to be sent to jail by a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

But currently, the briber can petition the bribed for redress of grievance under the rights of corporate personhood. Therefore, an imprenetrable and unbreakabale loop exists where the rights of citizens (the true units of representational democracy) are dwarfed by the financial capacity for influence from large corporations upon our lawmakers, executives, and even more tragically, our judiciary.

Not only is our law easily bought by the highest and most organized bidders, the enforcement and non-enforcement of the law often depends upon the same economic largess. Couple the latter with the corporate ability to tie up and delay the courts on any reasonable and just action taken on behalf of a citizen, or rush the litigation process forward in the favor of moneyed interests is a deadpan reality the gravity of which cannot be overstated. US citizens are under the heel of injustice the kind of which was never before even imagined by previous generations of Americans. It is all happening because we, unorganized and diffuse, divided and individuated, allow it.

Both the argument for corporate personhood and the argument for the legitimacy of lobbying must be legally, ethically, morally, and economically broken through all levels of media and public communications, in our institutions and in our homes before any meaningful reform may occur. Once this happens (and it can only happen through grassroots activity and heated pressure on government and industry and through notable personalities in our culture), the anti-trust laws on the books can be activated and inforced. Corporations can be called "limited business entity" and be required to define themselves with a single economic activity along with the stated public benefit such activity will generate.

The citizenry of the United States can do no less than require by peaceful means the compete and unconditional surrender of the monopolies controlling our lives, co-opting our laws, and enslaving lawmakers and entire legislative bodies to shape the future of the globe in an incrasingly irreversible deterministic, autocratic, and authorititarian manner.

mowdy5gs said...

Where as an economic entity has a status not enjoyed by a singular citizen as one. To buy officials is why it is easy for the mafia to exist as long continued tradition is respected. Cash contributions and unending donations leaves much to be desired by the average cashless voter. We will call them dis-en-franchised. In capitalism the system is set up to benifit capitalist. Not workers [which is the cause and effect of unions] but the corps as YOU say and owners of the afore mentioned monopolys. I agree. I agree as in Pennsylvania there has been a recent c-ase of guilty pleas by judges who railroaded children without due process or representation as council stood by with in-action as consequence. I am further disturbed by the targetting of the countrys youth. Almost as if they are being groomed to understand there hopelessness in the judicial process. As in the curfew in Greeley. Punish all children for the misdeeds of the few in the name of safety. Yet those who tought this leisure are the same as those who repremand Government for overstepping there lines with healthcare reform and immigration reform. Water and oil? I say control.
Besides barbarous acts by the law community who seem to never be held accountable in abuse or racial profiling we see a surge in power mongers with limitless terms not serving anyone but themselves. Irevocable harm has been acknowledged in the open only to watch companys such as AIG continue to deface what is the American will. Again, I agree monopolys seem to hold many of the cards needed to play let alone win. Irreducible quantum's exist within the confines of this Gov. and we are left to believe there is nothing left for the populous? At what cost? A presage to those who hold sway over servants should be action over inaction period. It is long past time to dwindle about holding flags and asking for what is not theres to give but what is already ours. Democracy. In an stentorian voice let us say ENOUGH. But who will listen? In Greeley it is clear where loyalties lie and they lie with those who lie.

mowdy5gs said...

Might I hold a moment more as to push the bounds of discussion? It has been told to me
"What's the point of having power if you cant give job's to your friend's"?
I pondered it a bit while remminance circled my cerebrial cortex to think of this. Equality. Very basic. Nothing is wrong with it in theory.
Where it becomes entangled with diatribe and autoracy is where equality in justice ceases to exist for those of greater means and power. As is the case in many of the bailed out companys wich befall us even now. How can one begin to justify or even rectify the conclusions that have come with securities and and revolation? Deregulation? Reguarded as nomenclature and nothing more? No.
To bring up Bush is nessassary to see the evidence in where we are headed. In this we may see the inevitabilty of how simple it is to take away Democratic American rights under the guise of security safety and whatever else may fit the bill at tea time. A bequeath would be nice instead of having to demand just and righteous men set fourth by example to do what is not only right but in the best intrest of all. America.
But I digress...

mowdy5gs said...

I would ask Thunderhead to participate further as I enjoyed his comments. I impose a momemnt as I did a bit of checking and found oil as a concearn unwielding and frankly unending. It seem's to have started at the cusp of WW2 and progressed its way into the very fabric that bind's this nation. Biased or not it is fact and cannot be ignored. I sight oil as it is the perfect example of monopolization and it's unending hold on America. Its lobby, subjective cost, and the fact it is controlled by cartels. By defanition a cartel is not flattering. I understand the urgency that exisited at the foot of Hitler and his conquest but American politions at the time practically handed over control of the economy with not much more than a heed and wimper.

Jane Paudaux from Greeley, Colorado said...

Well I suspect Thunderhead will be hanging around from time to time. He puts a lot into his writing.

As to the question about power there are a lot of great comments out their that defines it in much more beautiful terms than I can. But in my experience power is a tool more powerful to hold than to use. It becomes tarnished with each and every use until the user becomes more absorbed with having and maintaining the tool than he/she does with the original objective the tool was held to facilitate. In those famous words, "Power corrupts absolutely." Hiring your friends is in your own self-interest generally rather than the interest of your customers or those you serve.

mowdy5gs said...

Toche'. Absolute power huh? I have heard that. Power is bias as well. Corupt, the definition is to change from good to bad; Bribe; Morally debased.
So this is what we face in this nation of monotary means and capitalism. I read the word lobbyist came from Grant's day or one of the old guys who only met with constituants while he smoked fine cigars,.. In the lobby. How dreadfully dull a tale for such a detriment to this nation. As obstinate as I am I still see service as just that and continue to wonder why it takes millions of dollars to run for service? Especially in a ressision? Only in America comes to mind with the lovely face and hair of the man know as King [Don]. Cleche of course.

Jane Paudaux from Greeley, Colorado said...

Well to be realistic I think every society faces corruption. Every system faces corruption in different variants. I think of it, initially, as shortcuts around the fixed rules of a system. Some people can create advantages by taking short cuts around the rules or workings of the system. However these shortcuts only benefit the few (special interests) rather than the whole. Hence eventually the short cuts threaten to take over the whole and create a drain on the system because more resources are spent managing the corruption than go into the original purpose. This causes decline, stagnation, or collapse depending on the system. For example, try to get something done in Russia or Mexico without knowing how to use the corrupt shortcuts and the average citizen will get nothing done but have their energy and resources drained. As for the Lobbyists they work for special interests--the short-cutters. Most of the time that is not a good thing.

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