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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trees, Trees, Everywhere a Tree

My very favorite part of Greeley, thus far, is the abundance of stunningly beautiful trees that the community has nurtured.

After living in the middle of a forest for the past twenty years I worried a bit that I would miss all that greenery as I exchanged it for yellow and brown prairie. But thus far it hasn't been a problem. I simply go out walking or driving around town when I want for a little more green in my life.

The colors and variations of green are amazing. My tour guide called it Greeley's Urban Forest yesterday. We talked for quite a bit about a couple of stunning Weeping Willows (water hogs and root producers--but still stunning) yesterday. The vegetation is truly rich and abundant this year.

So this morning, before heading out to find one of the health care events going on around town today, I thought I'd look up the term Urban Forest. I was wondering what the impact would be if every town and community planned their own forest and oversaw its sustainable management. I know of one community that owns the land the forest is on and during down economic cycles harvests a portion of it to help with the annual budget. Now of course I realize that is not an option for all communities but I did wonder what long term benefits could be managed in this way and what the effects would be on the health of the environment. Individuals will always plant trees I hope. But what about community plantings?

Well thus far, after a quick Google, I found several conversations on the topic of Urban Forests. Here is a clip from just one at the USDA site (again--I used that site in my last post too). I'll look for more later. I didn't want to leave on such a beautiful day with the topic of e-coli up on the blog.

Right now I am out for a foray into the community sunshine. Maybe I'll add some pictures when I get back. From the USDA site on the topic of Urban Forests--the obvious.

Urban vegetation and its management can significantly influence human health and environmental quality in and around cities. Thus, optimal vegetation designs and management practices are essential to sustain human and environmental well-being for current and future generations.

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