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Thursday, July 23, 2009

From the Greeley Tribune With Love To Jane

Got to love their timing. Just goes to show you can't ruffle the big dogs feathers. Thank you Mr. K. I hope JBS' public offering goes well.

From this evening's email. I've asked them to delete my profile.

On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 4:20 PM, Amy Nickelson wrote:

Hi, I’d like to thank you for your contributions to the comment boards. We encourage and appreciate dialogue between our readers. However, your posts have recently been brought to my attention by the online community. Specifically, we do not allow repeated promotion of personal Web sites in comment posts. This falls under the spamming violation in our Terms of Use, available via link at the bottom of each page of our Web site.

We ask all of our users to adhere to our Terms of Use. Therefore, we request that you stop posting a link to your personal blog with your comment posts. Failure to follow Terms of Use on our site will result in further action.

As an alternative, I’d like to suggest that you fill out your user profile on our site. You are welcome to post the link to your personal blog in the biography section of your profile. Other users will still be able to see it and link to your blog from there.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail below.

Thank you,
Publish Post

Amy Nickelson
Online Community Manager
Northern Colorado Communication Group
970-352-0211, Ext. 11237

Comments :

4 comments to “From the Greeley Tribune With Love To Jane”

mowdy5gs said...

At 4:20? She must have been smokoing. Guilt by association maybe? Maybe they think you are me? But that's just the paranoia. Fact is Amy is a nice woman who endulged me and my posts to no end. Well, until the end. Bangert now tells her every move to make which really means they should releave her of her title as online community manager. Bagnert is a biased small man who lied about something as little as sending me a warning e- mail as to my conduct. He then attempted to repremand me as if I worked for him to bolster his scence of empowerment. He lives in St. Michales about 4 doors down from the Chief Garner which is more likely the reason you were looked at as many people post links to all kind of things all the time. There is also a small faction of communist as I call them who call themselves republicans who report, and censor as best they can as an attepmt to have you follow rules that they themselves do not follow. My guess is they ventured to your site and saw I post here occasionally and took exception. { I am niether Dem or Repub as I am owned by knowone.]Also I feel personally that the trib is so weak at this point that they entertained the complaints about you as to quash in compition no matter the size. As a paper you would assume them to be un biased fair and to report all major news. However this is simply not the case. "You and your JBS posting".You must become un- ignorable as a poster as I was to have any issue at all pushed. Besides that I dispice Buck and Bangert himself endorses this crook for the Senate for no other reason than he want's the first senotor from Greeley. But, Thats just how I see it. Now you know and now you have expirenced Greeley way, justice and bias. Watch yourself and thats not a joke.

Jane Paudaux from Greeley, Colorado said...

Have the big leagues behind me. I am not easily intimidated. Besides I enjoy looking at things from all viewpoints. Not that I don't have my own preferences but I just like dissecting stuff and how it works. As for the Tribune the woman did her job and I have no harsh feelings for her except that I doubt they apply their policies objectively (and I told them so when I responded). Plus I am fairly sure it was the investment banker behind the IPO that hit the abuse button (at least the first time) or influenced someone at Swift to do it. They all hit my site after I posted. They don't want people being critical; especially now. When towns get bullied by special interests it can be hard to have a spine. After all we all need to feed our families. I am fortunate in that my family is grown and feeding itself. It is only me to take care of now. That gives a certain mineral that works well with growing a spine. On the topic of bias, I have seen first hand the bias in smaller town papers. They just don't have the money to hire objective well trained writers. If they don't hang on to their cubs until they are trained then they never improve. At the same time with the rise of the Internet, the consolidation of media in the hands of four or five people worldwide, and the price of newsprint soaring--toxic ink, undervalued news in lie of entertainment (FOX)... it just t'aint an easy industry to be in any longer. For me one of the first books I read when I went back to college (I didn't go until I was 28) was Harry Bagadesian's media monopoly. Fantastic book but I have been a cynic about corporate news ever since.

mowdy5gs said...

I do not know how long you were a poster on the trib but I was mowdy5000 on the site. Some in my circles believe I was targeted by law enforcemnet due to my posting and truth brining about D.A. Buck, Hulsey, Garner, Clark, Cooke and a few others. I however find it as simple as profiling as I live within a block from the lame station. I do agree with your statement that the trib is not fair in there application of there "guidelines", [not rules mind you] as it allows them to be selective in enforcement. Kind of similar to Bucks prosecutions or Garners leadership. My guess as I stated is you are spot on about JBS. I have nothing but contempt if you will for Bangert as he made his problem with me and my posting personal. I do however like Amy but agree the tribunes staff is weak, limited, and not exactly fourth coming with significant findings. As Bangert removed every trace of me from the tribune site he then asked for his cake to eat too by vaguley asking me to post under another name. He must of thought it was a foregone conclusion. It was not. It is comforting to know who you are dealing with and to know the tribune operates with the same equality that the local police do. Which is with none. Whatever floats there boat at the moment. I do understand that an Editor of a paper eventually becomes friends with those in a town who consider themselves above the law but they are not above mob justice. It also depicts the irony of an editor who refuses to report a story that may negatively affect a friend. He has become part of the problem that is Greeley. And with excuses and henderance such as dumping a story due to its volatility well, you see what Greeley has become as of late. The tribunes site is full of rasicists [thats right I said it], negativity that knows no bound, hate, and is uninspiring. Anyone who contemplates a move here is sure to read the local paper and most likely online. And what they will find is just what is on there now. And is it still a wonder after all of the national headlines about Greeley that buisness is hard to attract? JBS is the end all be all it seems and we know about them do we not?

mowdy5gs said...

Really quick, I was stalked at one point due to the trib and politics. And confronted more than a few times until they saw I aints ta be F%&*$% with. Then they got scared. And now they are knowhere to be found. Greeley is almost pre 21st century when it comes to there politics and action and with the police in the tank as well as the D.A. who are all money grubbing republicans. I see it continuing for a while.

Keep up the work. If it werent true it would be ignored. When a nerve is touched people get jumpy. I got erased from the whole site. We should get into that some time. It would blow your mind.

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