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Monday, July 27, 2009

Greeleyville Gets A Facelift

Welcome to the new face of Greeleyville.

Comments and criticisms are welcome. It will be a work in progress. Right now I have been working on getting the comment section to work below each posting. The template I am using also has a list of the feed comments at the top of the blog so you can read through all the comments. I may remove the small widget comment device in the middle if the comment to each post works well. I have moved all the previous postings from the old template and everything should be here--somewhere. The question of course is "Where." I will need to rebuild the blog links and other small nuances.

Addendum: I know only the tech geeks are really interested in this stuff but... Okay the new comments are up and working under each new post. What I did not figure out is how to save all the old comments with the new template. Some of them are saved but not all. I have downloaded all the old ones though so I can restore them if blogger fixes the import device (it isn't working right now and supposedly they are working on the matter). Here goes the facelift.

Addendum 2: It looks like the comments came through the facelift with few wrinkles. A couple are gone but the ones that posted from gmail accounts made it just fine.

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