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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Doh! What Constitutional Right to Health Care?

The radical right is right. The financial conservatives are right it is not a right. The idea that universal health care was not a consideration when writing the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution is true. See the logic? It all makes sense now doesn't it. People don't need health care because the founding patriarchs thought we'd all be happy just having a few leeches and butcher knives around the house along with staying home when Small Pox went past our doors.

Where did these people go to school? Home Mountain ParaMilitary School of Appalachia? The logic and the reasoning behind the arguments against health care are Palinesque. Just like Sara Palin, left alone, these people all end up blowing their own feet off with their mouth-guns.

Perhaps I just need to be more pragmatically sane like my friend RCH to understand the big picture. He writes
I always like countering the right wing "strict constructionist" types who argue that something cannot be required if it is not in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights by noting that not only was paper money not envisioned by the Founding Fathers, the Federalist Papers all argue against it. So, the U.S. government during the First World War did a nifty dance around this "problem" by having U.S. currency printed by the Bureau of Printing and Engraving be distributed by the Federal Reserve Bank. The Fed is a private bank whose Chairman and Board just happen to be appointed by the U.S. President and confirmed by the Senate.
Health care is a necessity. It is a public and private necessity. Children can't go to school without their vaccinations. Kids and teens have to stay home when ill. Mom and Dad can't go to work sick and if Mom and Dad die the state will end up supporting Junior and his sugar habit. In several industries, and for the evil insurance Goliaths, you have to pass a Doctor's physical to work. When you get really ill you have to pass another one to go back to work. Wal-Mart thought it would be a peachy idea to get rid of their aging and fatter employees simply because they might be health risks--to their bottom line. Oh and try getting on an airplane while talking about the Swine Flu and see how far the friendly skies will take you.

Now this wouldn't be quite the same argument if you could run out yonder and pitch a tent in the woods and camp all year round. While you may have to vote down your eight year-old son on that family option it is well worth the family conflict. Basically the authorities won't let you do it. Not only does it violate land and planning use; federal, state, county, and a few other laws, the child-you-aren't-raising-right authorities will also have a say in this process.

So damned if you do and damned if you don't. And the logic behind maintaining this handy-dandy little status quo just keeps on getting better.

No Free Riders! No Free Loaders! You must rely on the system, our system, one-size fits all, or you go to jail and get all your loved one's taken away from you. No purple hair, no trying to making it alone, no get-out-of-jail free, just take your bread and gruel and get back to work. And don't forget to show up in church on Sunday or we'll come lookin' for you. And none of that "equality" crap. You are either equal to us or you aren't and you ain't so be happy with your salt-mine lives. You either live like we think you should live or you get kicked to the curb real, real, hard.

Can't live with us. Can't live without us. So if you die early because the rest of us don't want to pay for you to actively and fully participate in our system--too bad. We could raise the minimum wage I guess and we could manage to cover those we can't shove into the work farm doors and we may even to be able to ship off a few poor ugly unadoptable white orphan's to Mexico when we deport all those disgustingly hard working illegals without the right to stay here back home. This will all happen right after we sign over that euthanasia bill to get Granny and Grampy off our dime.

And quit your whining to our "There Ain't No Big Bang" Senators and Congressmen too. We slogged long and hard to get these award winning prize nincompoops raised in private snob school into office. It gets annoying when you question their logic, their education, their sanity, their religion. How dare you not trust us--we're the Better Gene people! Your liberal shtick about health care being a right won't even begin to fly against our insurance industry hot air balloon because "WE" the Almighty Already Insured at the Good Gene Plant think you poor unhealthy bad gene people should just continue to be slaves to our economy. We get the tax breaks, the stimulus money, and Bernie Madoff phones home every Christmas. How in Hades do you think you have any right to not suffer when you can't buy it? When ya all drop dead we'll just replace you with another Bad Luck Charlie Stiff.

You ain't got no "Right" to health care because in 1776 no body thought they'd live long enough to need it. So quit asking. Besides the Insurance Company executives are just God's Angels in a Armani business suit. They mean you no harm. We like them, we trust them, why can't you? Your Mama should ask them in for Sunday brunch. And be sure to take good care of them now because they are FILTHY RICH and deserve your Sunday best.

They must have good genes if their rich. I get it now. Thanks I'll sleep much better tonight knowing I have no right to ask for equality in the land they once called "America".

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