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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Night 1: Jane Sleeps in the Valley of the Gods

Tonight I sleep in Colorado Springs or Valley of the Gods depending on how good the map is you are looking at. We had an easy travel day. The only real stop we made, besides the 23 mini-stops to tie down the luggage in the back of the truck, was a short turn through the Air Force Academy.

Dads always seem to forget to teach girls how to tie a good knot. It's kind of like learning to throw a ball. If a guy doesn't teach you it just plain doesn't work the same. It's kind of like guys who rarely learn how to do their laundry--they get the general idea of throwing the clothes in the washer and keeping the cat out of the washer, but they never remember to take out the bugs, lizards, dirt, sticks, and spitballs before turning on the machine. Oh and BLEACH is different from DETERGENT.

Anyhow, it was quick. It was cold. And the dude at the gate will forever be known in my house as Mr. Personality. I've had more personable interactions with the California Highway Patrol while being written up for going 75 mph in a state park (Yosemite--the easterm side--only marmots were at serious risk).

I felt the eerie air of Homeland Security lurking about as the gate guard requested my license, scanned it, walked to the rear of the truck and scanned my license plate. What are they feeding those boys anyway--Jack's magic beans?

Beautiful facility though architecturally. It definitely blends into the mountain rather like a cubicle honeycomb presentation with sweeping cathedral spears looming like some European Medieval Harry Potteresque church in the background. I was happy to see it, happier to leave, and I'm sure I'm on some national list in some black basement somewhere forever now.

I thought only briefly about taking a picture. Then I remembered Mr. Poisonality at the gate and decided to forgo any minimalistic over-hyped potential risk of being thrown under a spotlight and questioned about my intentions of visiting the visiting center of the Air Force Academy.

Can you tell I was not raised in Colorado yet?

Well enough for the paranoia onto Pike's Peak. I haven't spotted it yet. The clouds are sitting rather low on the mountains. Our first stop tomorrow though is Goodyear. My three day old brand spanking new set of tires have picked up a screw. I'm not happy. I was less happy when I read the warranty: Does NOT cover road hazards.


We did a mainstream dinner tonight (for the foodies in the group). Chipolte's. I had never been before. Okay salsa not great. I love green fresh salsa. Okay burrito, carnitas with black beans and a mild salsa, but I've had better. Since I have no desire for the normal fast food it beat out McDonald's or Carl's but on a 1 to 10 I'd give it a 5. The business model looks pretty sound though. They keep it simple with fewer toppings. That's important.

There is a salsa bar I went to last time I visited Santa Fe. My dinner tonight reminded me I'd like to visit it again.

More tomorrow.

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