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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't Forget Cranky's Students Are Posting Good Things

The UNC class covered election night at the Greeley Tribune. It is interesting to read their impressions for that night. So don't forget to give them some support and visit their postings on the Cranky Copy Editor's page. If you look to the left hand side of the blog you'll see the City Council links to the student postings. I am not a big fan of the Tribune myself. And I certainly would like to see their editorials improve. Maybe they could let the students write them so they have more factual reasoning and content. That would be nice! Some of these students are pretty good at this stuff.

But the Cranky Copy Editor's post is a little life-changing. I just went back and changed the title on this piece from "Kids" to "Students". Sometimes it is easy to forget how language can be offensive even when not intentional. My favorite complaint is why does an individuals race or color has to come into a conversation when their race or color has absolutely nothing to do with what is being discussed. For example this conversation recently passed during a routine dinner in this household, "My old roommate, who was black, showed up later after I had talked to the landlord." Race and gender bias is embedded deeply in a culture. Always a hot button issue. These references happen frequently I've noticed but yet no one else seems to pay attention. Kind of like the gender discussion on CCE's (Cranky Copy Editor) page.

Anyone got other ones?

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2 comments to “Don't Forget Cranky's Students Are Posting Good Things”

Cassie said...

I read somewhere that the first things we subconsciously note about someone when we meet them are their age, gender and race. Therefore when telling a story people must think that in order for you to "picture" the person right, you need to tell these things. Some studies have been done that show people feel uncomfortable around other people that they can't place in the "box" and will even go so far to ask others around them -"Is that a man or a woman? Is she Black or Hispanic? I can't tell if he is 20 or 40" things like that. In chat rooms and other online communication you often see "A/S/L?" These are the first questions people need to know in order to place you -your Age, Sex and Location. Then they go into describing themselves, etc. Or, the most obvious one is SWF (single, white female). The only thing missing is age. Oh, and weight is now becoming more important too...
Interesting stuff.

Jane Paudaux said...

It is a chicken or the egg argument when it comes down to language. Do we use language to sort and place people in boxes or do we use it to make sure we aren't uncomfortable dealing with someone that is different from our expectations, desires, or wants.

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