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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Kinder Gentle Side of Greeley

Today I thought it was time for a break from Greeley Politics and Uranium Coffee chat. A short journey into the esoteric seems appropriate. I took these photos over the last few months. For someone who comes out of nontornado land finding yourself underneath one of these babies can be more than a little intimidating. However, equally so, they are breath-taking in their depth of texture, color, and slow movements. It reminds me of watching a ballet dancer turn her body into the sculpture of the sky. I do not have a professional grade camera so I am experimenting with the digital I do have. That could be a hint for the Christmas/Birthday list makers in my family that try so hard all year long to figure me out. It really isn't that complicated. Art and education are my passions and love. My big lesson so far is that this stuff isn't easy. I tried photoshopping a couple of them to bring out the highlights but justice still has not been done. It is difficult to get the depth and contrast of these big puffy marshmallow ghostbusteresque things. Maybe they are simply something meant to be enjoyed and then allowed to melt into eternity. Enjoy.

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