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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Greeley Agricultural Community Gets to Work

Just in my email a bit ago, It looks like a post from another blogger Brian Allmer, I thought I'd spread the information around.

It's nice to see the agricultural community rallying to help its own.  That has always been a refreshing part of rural and farm life. Neighbors helping neighbors when the going gets tough.  It takes a depth of understanding of all shapes and sizes of farm life to understand what people are going through.  Looks like Colorado State is helping out and WDA (Western Dairy Association).

Besides, if you click through to Brian's site you'll find out about the free pizza too!

07-23-09 *WDA/CSU NEWS* Agriculture Community invited to FREE Session featuring “Tips for Coping in Tough Times” « BARN OnAir & OnLine 24/7/365
The FREE session will be held

August 7th, 2009, from 9:00 am – NOON

in the Exhibition Building @ Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley, CO

GREELEY, CO – Western Dairy Association is sponsoring a FREE session for members of the Colorado agricultural community. The session will offer farm families and others in the industry a chance to learn successful strategies for dealing with the current economic crisis.

Colorado State University’s Norm Dalsted, economist and professor of Farm & Ranch Management, will join CSU Agricultural & MBusiness Management Economist Jeff Tranel to present “Financial Strategies for Getting Through Bad Times”.

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