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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Saga of JBS Swift, Greeley, And Bad Beef Goes On

And on....

What does it take to get a corporation this size to understand that there are inherent dangers to the consumer in creating a mega-huge factory production food mill. Having and maintaining the very best business practices should not be optional.

JBS Swift and Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

My "favorite" local company ramps it up and gets around to recalling the rest of the product... several weeks after the initial problem was discovered. Their lack of concern for the consumer's safety certainly is showing and glowing radioactive here.

Love how this press release comes out on a Saturday--the lowest day for both web and print circulation. The cynicism I feel for snail-snot companies is hard to contain especially when one keeps upholding my expectations. Greeley's image isn't improving throughout the nation by being attached to this corporation.

Can't wait for the next public relations piece to be pumped out.

JBS Swift Beef Co. expands beef recall
The U.S. Department of Agriculture said June 28 that all the beef products in the expanded recall were produced April 21 and are in boxes bearing "EST. 969,'' a package date of "042109'' and a time stamp ranging from "0618'' to "1130.''

The USDA says an investigation by its Food Safety and Inspection Service of 24 illnesses in multiple states prompted the company to re-examine its food safety system. The department says 18 of the illnesses appear to have the same cause, and the company is conducting the recall "out of an abundance of caution.''

Comments :

2 comments to “The Saga of JBS Swift, Greeley, And Bad Beef Goes On”

mowdy5gs said...

It is know that the Greeley Tribune is bought and paid for by the likes of Swift communication's. Therefore to expect anything short of conspiracy is in itself insane. So I will choose to move to what we have discussed about the slow movement of the recall. It is amazing that the urgency felt was less than. Almost a denial of sort's if it is probed thus. We stick to our daily bread and our adherrance to the life we choose to live while company's like Swift do not clean up after themselves. Like a slow witted peasent in the house of a magistrate. How will the public react to the inevitable outbreaks from beef in the future? This borderless world leaves open to us disease unparallelled and our own company's that are now foriegn owned contemplate recall's as a choice. Is this not immoral? As for Swift and its influence over media and market its former "almost" aquisition of the beef industry disturbed more than a few. It has begun to grow into the exact opposite of the equation that is meant to be capitalism. THe problem instead of being solved is growing at an opposite proportion in the opposite direction of sum and by therein total.
At first or even second glance this seems at most buisness as usual but to look upon the power that is the "Lobby" we may see a soon to be reflection of the NRA. The power in which this lobby yields is deliberate and irroniuos at worst and I dare to say it at its best. The commical geneious behind this is the fact that I enjoy firearms and will not trade them for freedom as they will do well in making it for me. I however see the unending tide of life stream fourth from such a corupt structure bending the economy at will and for unending means. Another problem then presents itself as remainder, one we spoke of before. What will I grill??

Jane Paudaux said...

Sorry Mowdy, overlooked responding to your posting. The only way I can see to imposing checks and balances on any corporation is through government (and that essentially creates a trade barrier--a no,no, under free market rules) or through consumers. What you purchase at the checkout stand does make a difference. Government hasn't wanted to play referee in a long time and it is becoming apparent that those who profit from government not playing referee want to keep it that way (see the current health care debates). Perhaps then all that is left is consumer boycotts. Which, sadly, aren't that effective in modern times when it takes so very many consumers acting together to effect any big company's market.

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