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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Health Care: Hollis Berendt and Brian Bacak on Reform

Here is the Op-ed piece on Health Care Reform. It is good to see leaders in the community step up to the plate. Thank you.

It is time for health reform - The Denver Post
The reality is the current system is levying a hidden tax on Colorado families to the tune of almost $1,000 per household each year. That's what you're paying, on average, in higher premiums, to make up for all the uncompensated care. We can pay up front by providing health care for everyone and working on prevention, or we pay for expensive emergency department visits, which does not address people's long-term health and productivity.

If we do nothing, the insurance premiums for a family of four will increase $1,800 each year. Thirty to 40 cents of each premium dollar you spend will go toward administrative costs and other inefficiencies in the system. And rising costs will continue to hurt our state economy.

For all these reasons, the health insurance reform bill in the U.S. House must be passed now. This legislation will make health care more affordable for everyone, lower overall costs, offer a public option for consumers, guarantee that you can keep your current coverage if that's what you want, stop insurers from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions or gender, and ensure families have the choice and peace of mind they deserve when it comes to health care

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2 comments to “Health Care: Hollis Berendt and Brian Bacak on Reform”

Anonymous said...

How dishonest can a person choose to be. Hollis states that her daughter developed ovarion cancer. We all feel poorly about this and wish her well on her recovery. However, Hollis states that she and her daughter were unable to find any type of affordable coverage in NY city. The reality is that they are just irresponsible. Go on and enter the zip code for the bronx, manhattan and queens and 18 different plans come up from top notch companies and coverage begins at $200 per month. So obviously, Hollis believes you shold get coverage for nothing. I understand she has an eco friendly consulting firm where she is charging over $100 per hour for her consulting service. I am confused as to why she doesn't lower her rates. Oh yah it is OK for her to make a $ but obviously anyone else who provides a service shouldn' be allowed. What a hypocrite and someone that I am sure I will never do business with. Dishonesty comes in many forms.

mowdy5gs said...

Let me ask you this then. When does it become disingenuous or undermining to make a dollar out of certain things? What I mean to say without erasing what I just said is this. Should you have to be charged 1500 dollars for a weeks supply of life saving blood thinner called lovnox because its safer then coumiiden cause coumiden has rat poisen in it? Or should people , all people be able to afford to obtain medicines that dont slowly kill you? There are a million examples one way or the other and Doctors nurses professional should make more then a buck. But have you been listining to the storys of people being kicked off of insurance for this and that? I was kicked off when I almost died so heres mine in short. I almost died for reason here nor there but whats important is this. I never NEVER missed a payment to my ins carrier. They carried me for a year but unfortunatly for them I was deathly ill for WAYYYY longer then that. They sent me to there doctor and said I could only see him and he would determine weather or not I could stay on. So I did. He sided with me. Then 6 months later they said now you have to see him again and only him and that will determin if I am able to stay on. He said they needed to keep paying because I was still well within the peramiters. Then a week later they said hold on there, the doctor forgot a couple of periods in the paperwork. You now have to go see this other doc to see if you still qualify.
OH! BTW, he happens to share the space right next to our ins office but dont worry hes objective to. And surfice to say I was immidietly dropped. Happens every day and then some. Mind you I did not choose either doctor they did. People are fed up with being preyed upon by vultures in suits. Its this or to hell with them, literally.

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